A world exclusive from Peugeot that takes wine tastings to a new level.

La Clef du Vin with a new contemporary design is an ingenious wine accessory that accelerates the evolution of wine by speeding up the oxydoreduction process.

With four international patents, this tool is the result of ten years of research by Franck Thomas, awarded Best European Sommelier in 2000, and Lorenzo Zanon, oenologist and chemist.

This long, slender tool has a sharply angled, textured metallic head. Dipping it in a wine glass for a few seconds accelerates wine development to access exceptional variations. This unique process improves the taste of wine served at restaurants and bars.

A perfect tool for sommeliers, La Clef du Vin works with all types of wine, including white, red, rosé, sparkling, and naturally sweet wines. It can ready a wine for immediate enjoyment by adjusting its balance to taste.

La Clef du Vin can also highlight and heighten the details of a wine’s distinct flavor and aroma profile. It is also a window into the future of particular vintages. A few seconds of exposure to Le Clef du Vin will reveal a wine’s taste profile in years to come.

This unique tool is fun to demonstrate to guests in a restaurant, and it helps accurately gauge how wines will develop so that wine cellars can be better managed.

Peugeot offers over 100 wine accessory products in addition to its pepper, salt, and spice mill assortment. A passion for flavor and the gourmet experience are the inspiration for both sides of the line. 

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