The new Peugeot Whisky Set, with a uniquely shaped glass, metal chilling base, and leatherette coaster, was specially designed to bring out the best in whiskeys and spirits such as Cognac and Armagnac. Whether the whisky you serve is light and floral, fruity and spicy, rich and rounded, or full bodied and smoky, the Peugeot Whisky Set will reveal its subtleties and aromas for an utterly indulgent tasting.

First introduced in France in late 2015, and now available for shipping in the US, the Peugeot Whisky Set won the Table Top and Gift Grand Prix at the 2015 Maison & Objet in Paris.

The mouth-blown glass is tapered, with a narrow top for properly nosing the whisky before sipping.  The wide bowl of the glass is enhanced with a central dome.  When whisky is poured into the glass, it forms a circle around this dome, preventing the elevation of overpowering alcohol vapors to the nose to enhance the purity of the experience.

One of the first to test this new product was Dr. Sonat Birnecker, president, KOVAL Distillery, who says: “The thoughtful architecture of the Peugeot Whisky Tasting Set brings KOVAL’s most unique flavor profiles to the foreground of the palette. The stylish curves of the glass help release and enhance the aromas in each distinct whiskey—from the mango chutney nose familiar to KOVAL Bourbon to the banana nose in KOVAL Four Grain Whiskey—while the advanced chilling case allows the flavors to open up in a bright, grain, forward, earthy manner.”

The metal chilling base cools the spirit for at least 30 minutes, without the use of ice and without a temperature shock that would inhibit the release of the scents.  Chilling can add a refreshing quality while revealing the complexity of delicate flavor notes. Simply place the metal base in the freezer two or more hours before use for a refreshingly cool taste experience, or leave the base at room temperature if you prefer your whisky neat and unchilled.

The handsome black leatherette coaster completes the set, which would make a welcome gift for anyone who appreciates whisky or spirits.

The Peugeot Whisky Set has a list price of $40. A replacement glass, without the chilling base and coaster, will be sold for $25.  The Whisky Set is available for immediate shipment.

The Peugeot line, which includes pepper, salt and spice mills as well as wine, whiskey and spirits accessories, is inspired by a passion for flavor and the gourmet experience.

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