A Care2.com petition urging leading pizza chain California Pizza Kitchen to add a vegan cheese pizza option has garnered nearly 25,000 signatures in just a couple weeks. The timely petition was started in the midst of a CPK’s current brand renovation, which included a menu expansion in hopes of marketing to millennials. Vegan Outreach launched the petition as a positive way to show CPK how much public support they would have for adding a vegan cheese pizza that is perfect for health conscious, dairy-intolerant, and vegan guests alike.

With industry leaders like Forbes, Food Network, The Culinary Institute of America, and consumer reports all covering the trend of plant-based eating, a growing number of restaurants are now listening. Countless local, regional, and national restaurants have added options, including popular pizza chains MOD Pizza, ZPizza, Mellow Mushroom, Pieology Pizzeria, and Pie Five Pizza, just to name a few.

“As one of America’s largest pizza chains, we hope CPK will open their doors to the thousands petition signers, the approximately 3.7 million vegan adults in the U.S., as well as the millions of dairy-free consumers. If they make it, we will come,” says the group’s campaign manager, Taylor Radig. Though the company already offers a vegan pizza option without cheese, Radig says, “With countless vegan cheeses on the market offering the same creamy melt as dairy cheeses, the time of cheeseless pizza is over.” Vegan Outreach plans to keep the petition going and is confident the number of signatures will continue to increase.

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