Personica, a marketing and analytics platform for restaurants, launched its new brand, changed from its former brand Fishbowl. Personica is also announcing its new loyalty program, rounding out the company’s full marketing technology platform.

Twenty years ago the Fishbowl brand invented the eClub as a way for restaurants to connect with their guests. Though in many ways the Fishbowl brand and the eClub concept have been synonymous, Personica now provides its clients with a full suite of marketing tools, including omni-channel messaging, CRM, price and menu optimization, 1:1 customer segmentation, local store marketing, in-depth reports, promotions, and loyalty.

“We believe the future of customer relationships is rooted in personalization,” says Andrew Feigenson, Personica CEO. “Restaurants are taking cues from other industries that deliver highly personalized shopping and entertainment experiences both online and in-person. As our industry continues to adopt digital technology, we will harness data and our fully integrated marketing and optimization tools to help our clients create personal experiences for their guests, resulting in higher lifetime value.”

With the launch of its loyalty program, Personica is giving restaurants the power to collect and leverage member, campaign, and transactional data across promotions and customer engagement journeys, building lasting guest relationships with every interaction. Personica Loyalty complements the company’s suite of marketing products, which uses powerful CRM data to create promotions, loyalty programs, messages, and customer journeys that drive personalized experiences for each guest and maximize profits.

Features of Personica’s loyalty program include direct POS integration for real-time redemption data, customized and automated campaign builders, custom branded mobile apps through a partnership with app developer Chepri, and integration with Personica’s Omni-Channel Messaging, CRM, Promotions, and Reports so clients can build guest-centric marketing strategies that resonate.

“We’re thrilled to see Personica advancing the restaurant industry into a new age of digital relationships and experiences,” says Michael Schatzberg, Managing Partner and Founder of Branded Strategic Hospitality. “I look forward to seeing the innovation they continue to put forward in 2021.”

With the recent massive digital transformation, the restaurant industry is poised to create highly personalized experiences, at scale, both online and on-premise. Personica will be dedicated to helping the industry chart this new future, meeting each guest where they want, in the moment they want, the way they want and with the experiences they want.

Personica is the most powerful marketing and analytics platform for restaurants. Formerly Fishbowl, Personica was founded 20 years ago by a team of restaurant professionals who wanted a better way to connect with their guests. With the addition of analytics software and Promotions (2014), Price and Menu Optimization and Competitive Intelligence (2015), and the Engage platform, CRM, Loyalty, and digital data reports (2020), Personica has striven to help restaurants create personalized guest experiences while making data-driven decisions that increase profits. Relied on by more than 48,000 restaurants to engage guests and maximize revenue, Personica is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with offices in India and an international remote workforce.

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