Perlick, a leader in total package bar equipment, beverage and wine dispensing systems, launched the new Dual-Zone 36” (DZS36) Wine/Refrigeration Center. As the first 36-inch wine dispensing solution to feature two compartments with separate temperature zone ranges of 40°–65°F and the ability to dispense from four wine kegs, the state-of-the-art unit offers unmatched storage and tapping options in a compact size.

The DZS36 has been specially designed to fit under a typical bar and features side-mounted refrigeration to reduce cabinet depth, making it a perfect fit for both new construction and retrofit applications. Even with limited space, operators can capitalize on the profitable wine-by-the-glass trend by offering wine on tap.

Features of the new DZS36 include the following:

  • Two compartments with separate programmable temperature controls provide one temperature for white wines and another for reds, ensuring that each varietal is poured at the optimal temperature every time.
  • Each compartment holds two 1/6 kegs so a total of four kegs can be tapped.
  • The DZS36 is part of the Perlick WINEcertified family of products manufactured and guaranteed to properly store and dispense wine.
  • Available wine dispensing tapping kits feature WINEcertified sanitary 304 stainless steel components to protect the delicate flavors of fine vintages.
  • Can dispense an assortment of ciders, craft beers, and mixed cocktails in addition to wine.
  • When configured for wine dispensing the temperature range is 40°–65°F.
  • When configured for refrigeration the temperature range is 34°–42°F.

 “The cost savings and environmental benefits of kegged wine make the trend of wine on tap attractive to bar and restaurant operators,” says Perlick’s vice president of Marketing and Business Development, Tim Ebner. “At Perlick, our goal is to provide operators with innovative, leading-edge product solutions that increase profitability and properly accommodate growing trends. The new Dual-Zone 36-inch Wine/Refrigeration Center does just that by providing operators a wine dispensing option that features unmatched programmable temperature ranges and storage capacity in a compact size to fit within their bar serving spaces.”

The Dual-Zone 36-inch Wine/Refrigeration Center is Perlick’s newest solution to help operators capitalize on the continually growing wine-by-the-glass trend. 

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