This Mother’s Day, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is surprising a select number of loyal fans with a gift of gratitude. Giving a standard Mother’s Day gift a delectable upgrade, the classic restaurant brand is filling moms’ homes with custom-crafted pie-scented candles, capturing the aroma of Perkins fresh-baked pie favorites: Chocolate French Silk, Homestyle Apple and Lemon Meringue. 

“Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year at Perkins, thanks to guests bringing home their favorite pies to their moms and families,” says Joe Artime, Vice President of Marketing at Perkins. “While engaging with our followers on social, we noticed that fans who had moved away from their local Perkins were reminiscing about their favorite pies and memories at the restaurant. Our hope is that these unique gifts bring home the scent of fresh-baked flavors on Mother’s Day and beyond.” 

In collaboration with Penn & Beech Candle Co., Perkins lead bakers scent-tested each candle to match the aroma of the restaurant’s most popular pies. Each of the three scents reflect the full breadth of the Perkins pie flavor spectrum – from rich and decadent to tangy and fruity. From there, the brand has connected with influencers and fans on social media who mentioned missing Perkins pies and homestyle favorites and shipped these gifts across North America to put a flavorful twist on everyone’s go-to Mother’s Day present.

The candle aromas capture the essence of these fresh-baked pies, bringing the Perkins bakery closer to home:

  • Chocolate French Silk: Notes of rich sweet chocolate mousse wrap each corner of the room in a luscious cloud of indulgence.
  • Homestyle Apple: A crisp apple scent with a hint of warm cinnamon offers a comforting classic, familiar from holidays past.
  • Lemon Meringue: Refreshing sweet lemon with a slight tang will brighten up the mood in every room.

With a wick and a whiff, these moms will feel transported back to Perkins visits of the past, celebrating graduations, birthdays, retirements and even just a moment to slow down and share a meal with family.

“As a brand that has been around for 60+ years, we recognize that many of our longtime guests have moved across the globe to keep life moving forward,” adds Artime. “Our team enjoys delighting our fans with a nostalgic gift that helps honor their treasured memories at Perkins with the flick of a match.”

Perkins offers more than ten varieties of pie, served whole or by the slice, as well as seasonal pies, in their bakery. Guests can visit to place an order for any of Perkins homestyle meals or bakery treats.

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