Pereg Gourmet will premiere an extended line of gluten-free flours as well as updates to its boxed quinoa offerings, featuring a new flavor blend and updated packaging and sizes, at the Winter Fancy Show in San Francisco from January 17-19. Pereg will also showcase its recent Stamp of Approval from the Whole Grain Council. The family owned, New Jersey-based company is a leading producer of premium, natural spices and spice blends, bread crumbs, ancient grains, and quinoa products.

Pereg Gourmet has added six new varieties to its already successful offering of gluten-free quinoa flour: Almond flour, banana flour, buckwheat flour, chickpea flour, coconut flour, and farro flour. All, except for farro, are gluten-free, all are 100 percent natural, non-dairy, and certified kosher. They are packaged in 16-ounce re-sealable stay-fresh bags, retailing for about $3.99.

“According to industry statistics, sales of gluten-free products will exceed $15 billion by 2016, twice the amount of five years earlier. Pereg is pleased to introduce an extended choice of gluten-free and ancient grain flour types, which offer health-conscious consumers more variety for delicious cooking and baking,” says Gill Schneider, Pereg Gourmet president.

Southern Smoked Quinoa, a new blend featuring smoked paprika, tomatoes, red bell peppers, carrots and onions is the newest of Pereg’s extensive line of quinoa products. Pereg will also premiere updated packaging for its boxed quinoa blends, as well as a new 5-ounce size for its tri-color quinoa variety. Currently Pereg offers tri-color quinoa in a 16-ounce size. Pereg received the 100 percent Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grains Council for its quinoa mixes, plain quinoa, red quinoa, and new tri-color quinoa (in all packaging varieties). 

Pereg Gourmet’s diverse line of quinoa products includes: quinoa mixes, plain quinoa, red quinoa and tri-color quinoa, pre-seasoned quinoa, as well as quinoa flour, quinoa pasta, and quinoa pops cereal.

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