PeopleAnswers and Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts LP announced a software licensing agreement that allows the restaurant to use the PeopleAnswers HR Solution for increasing the efficiency of its employee recruiting process and hiring quality employees at its 76 locations across 19 states in the Southeast, Midwest, and South.

“Genghis Grill’s unique dining experience requires hiring the best employees who can produce a level of customer service that will ultimately lead to increased sales and overall company growth,” says Al Bhakta, CEO, Genghis Grill Franchise Concepts LP. “PeopleAnswers offers a proven solution that creates a consistent hiring platform across our restaurant brand as we continue to grow.”

Genghis Grill plans to use PeopleAnswers’ intuitive pre-employment assessment software to fill all open hourly and management positions in its corporate locations, moving HR to the next level with an automated recruitment process companywide.

PeopleAnswers uses science-based technology to assist Genghis Grill to pre-screen, provide assessment tests, and hire job candidates that best match the Behavioral DNA of its most successful current employees.

Using PeopleAnswers will lower costs per hire and increase employee retention by giving Genghis Grill valuable insight into candidates and narrowing focus to those with the most employment potential.

“To remain competitive and grow in the restaurant industry, it is critical to hire the best employees who can represent and promote the brand through great customer service,” says Gabriel Goncalves, CEO and president, PeopleAnswers. “Using our innovative HR solution to identify the most qualified candidates will prove to be a valuable tool in helping Genghis Grill realize its growth potential.”

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