After a busy year redesigning the consumer, trade, and Spanish language websites, Pear Bureau Northwest releases a site dedicated to pear menu concepts and education for the foodservice industry. The versatility of USA Pears is clearly portrayed with chef created recipes for all meal times and levels of restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to recipes and ideas, the site communicates the pear varieties, handling and ripening information for distributors and operators, and information on marketing and menu trends for pears. The mobile- and tablet-ready site also supports school foodservice programs with recipes, marketing materials and tools, and downloadable resources. 

“Pears are a wonderful addition to any menu, providing a distinctive sweetness and sophistication nearly year round,” says Kathy Stephenson, marketing communications director at PBNW. “We believe there is an opportunity for foodservice professionals to differentiate their menus by calling out new varieties and using pears in versatile ways, and we are poised to be a resource for them. The site provides a quick, visual search of actual menued concepts offered by chefs across the country.”

Visitors to will find information about pear varieties and availability, marketing trends and research, and handling and ripening training. 

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