Fresh USA Pears from the Pacific Northwest are now in season, and there is no better time to learn the basics—or refresh your knowledge—on ordering, handling, and planning menus with the 10 pear varietals under the USA Pear label. 

The Pear Bureau Northwest has placed the Pear Foodservice Training Program online for easy access and monitoring. The four program topics cover the USA Pears growing region and ten varietals; pear sizing, handling and ripeness; creative and value-added ideas for fresh pears on the menu; and exciting pear cocktails and alcohol-free beverages. The program is divided into four easy courses and takes approximately twenty minutes to complete, making it an ultra-flexible and efficient learning tool. “The biggest barrier for diners to be able to enjoy our pears on the menu is the lack of confidence in proper handling and ripening techniques” says Kathy Stephenson, marketing communications director with the Pear Bureau Northwest. “Our online site is readily available 24/7 enabling everyone—from distributors to purchasing to prep cooks—to increase their understanding of how to handle fresh pears; ensuring they are perfectly ripe for the menu application, every time.”

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