PeachWorks, formerly WhenToManage, a leading restaurant management cloud platform for franchise chains, independent operations, and specialty retail and food service operations, announced that its popular app Log is now available in a premium version with enhanced features and additional capabilities. Log, subscribed by 1,250 accounts since its launch in December 2014, has been enabling restaurant managers and employees to stay connected and organized in operating their business efficiently.

Log is a free cloud-based application that allows multiple users to create notes, checklists, and task lists in real time via different browsers and devices. The easily customizable app empowers managers and employees to run their restaurant efficiently by improving processes, reducing errors, and saving time. The premium version is well-suited for independent and chain restaurants with multiple locations where it is essential to ensure consistent, high quality customer experiences across the brand or multiple brands.

Key features of Log Premium include: Restaurant managers can organize checklists and tasks using multiple logs in a way that makes sense for their business; by shift, by manager, by area or whatever; Pick from 12 different component types to customize checklists, tasks, and Notes; Role based access allows control over what users have permission to view; Monitor progress by the Completed Percentage available in each log; Daily notes are recorded and searchable by keyword, Log, or date range; Look back in time at who completed what and when.

Premium and lite versions of Log can be subscribed from the PeachWorks App Market.

“Our shift leaders and first time managers benefit the most from the app,” said Jon Knapp from Big City Burrito. “It keeps them on track throughout their shift and ensures the restaurant is set up well for the next manager.”

“Experienced restaurant operators know how to run a successful, profitable operation,” says Mark Symonds, chief executive officer at PeachWorks. “Log Premium allows them to ensure that their best practices are followed and tasks are being completed promptly and consistently. Keeping everyone on task is important for a fast-paced restaurant business where things can change very quickly. Sometimes a simple solution like a checklist, is the best answer to solve complex processes.”

PeachWorks recently rebranded from WhenToManage to emphasize its commitment to building the most flexible and powerful platform for restaurant and foodservice operators. All Peach apps are hosted in the cloud, providing anywhere access through a Web connection on any device. Whether you use a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, your restaurant data is available in real time, up-to-the-minute, accurate and easy to interpret.

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