Paytronix Systems, Inc., an innovator in loyalty and guest engagement software, has become the loyalty and guest engagement platform for TravelCenters of America LLC’s Minit Mart stores and an array of branded restaurants. Paytronix expects that the platform will strengthen customer relationships by delivering highly targeted, relevant and timely offers, earned rewards, and messages.

The Paytronix Platform for TravelCenters is expected to include:

Flexible Program Design—A rules-based engine enables multiple program designs, the flexibility to handle modern program requirements, and the scalability to evolve over time.

Data Access—Via an easy-to-navigate, self-service interface, users can interact with data visualizations and drill down to the individual member level to act on insights. Teams make informed decisions and are more agile when access to data is present.

Segmentation & Targeting—Leveraging the platform’s campaign center, marketing teams are empowered to segment and target customer populations with relevant offers to compel more visits. Filters segment out those members who are likely to visit anyway, avoiding discounting or cannibalization of full-priced visits; thereby increasing the profitability of each promotion.

Technical Expertise—The proven ability to incorporate Paytronix into its complex technical ecosystem. The level of point of sale and other systems integration experience Paytronix brings to the table is unique in the industry.

“TravelCenters of America put Paytronix through a rigorous and thought-provoking review process that helped us truly dial into its biggest challenges and objectives,” says Michelle Tempesta, Head of Product Management at Paytronix. “We will be teaming up with them to roll out a program that delivers on this industry’s promise: customer convenience.”

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