Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, announced upgrades Tuesday to the Paytronix Platform that allow users to amp up both the customer experience and merchant experience. The new capabilities include mobile Pay at the Table, Scoring, Survey Tools, and a new Account Filter user interface.

Pay at the Table: Restaurant guests at table service concepts can leave when they're ready when they pay using their own mobile device. Brands that deliver convenience in the moments that matter will gain a competitive advantage. This new technology is designed to give the guest an engaging payment experience that empowers them to redeem rewards, leave a tip, pay the check, and exit the restaurant on their own schedule.

An enhanced combination of campaign tools, data at the user's fingertips, and messaging options enable marketers to learn quickly and act instantly. The newest Campaign Center innovations include:

New Account Filters UI: Enables marketers to quickly build out customer segments across 52 dimensions, including demographic information, guest behavior, and predictive analytics. With the ability to build easily segments, marketers will motivate

Scoring: Predicts future customer behavior by blending data to indicate the likelihood a member is to present a specific behavior or attribute. Each member is assigned a score that's as easy to interpret as a FICO credit score. This simple and powerful capability helps marketers reach consumers, including Millennials, with highly targeted, relevant communications.

Survey: Allows marketers to elicit and collect guest feedback within a single platform. Marketers can avoid the complications and time consumption of creating, deploying, analyzing and rewarding behavior across multiple systems. This new toolset brings the customer data to the marketer more quickly. As a result, marketers can gather preferences directly from customers, quickly respond to customer sentiments and adjust their offerings accordingly.

"Paytronix is fully engaged in listening to its customers and responding to their requests with new features and capabilities in the Paytronix Rewards Platform," says Andrew Robbins, president, Paytronix Systems, Inc. "Pay at Table, survey, scoring and all of the new analytics capabilities introduced to the Paytronix Campaign Center were created to enhance both the merchant and customer experience for all."

The new Paytronix capabilities will be showcased at PXUX 2016, the second annual Paytronix User Experience meeting, August 24 & 25, 2016, at the Royal Sonesta Boston in Cambridge, MA. Merchants from multi-unit restaurant and convenience store chains from across the country will attend the two-day, interactive conference, which will showcase high-impact rewards programs, big data applications, and mobile marketing thought leadership as well as a roadmap for the Paytronix Rewards Platform.

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