A new restaurant concept is coming to San Diego and Orange counties, California, but it's going to seem familiar to many diners. Nine former Pat & Oscar's restaurants, including the recently closed location at Westfield Parkway in El Cajon, are getting a brand-new look, feel, menu and name: O's American Kitchen.

The original Pat & Oscar's, famous for its fresh, hot, hand-rolled breadsticks and family-style value meals, opened in 1991 and grew over the years to 19 locations.

O’s American Kitchen is updating the brand, bringing it into the present and rolling it into the future, focusing on consumer’s needs and changing tastes while still retaining the attributes existing Pat & Oscar's guests have come to know and love.

O’s American Kitchen has hired an executive chef to help with the menu revamp, which will feature many family favorites like pastas and pizzas, but “will be a more evolved version of a fast-casual restaurant,” says Ron Camera, spokesman for O’s American Kitchen. “We know that people are seeking bolder flavors with more diversity, so our menu will offer other choices with ethnic influences side by side next to hot and delicious breadsticks–a little something for everyone.”

In addition to the new name, each location will feature updated interiors and logo, highlighting the company's more contemporary offerings and modern feel. The first rebranded location is scheduled to start transitioning in late May, Carmel Mountain Ranch, with the others to follow shortly thereafter.

The name “American Kitchen” is a nod to the all-encompassing nature of a home kitchen, where families gather to share meals and experiences and try new flavors while still enjoying old favorites.

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