With more than 140 years of collective small business, retail, hospitality, and restaurant brand-building expertise, Concept Branding Group has teamed up with San Diego-based AccessPoint Media Group to expand, adding depth in restaurant business/operational reviews and guest loyalty, as well as in state-of-the-art design, web, and social media capabilities.  

The expanded team will bring striking visual life to the brand, brand story, and organizational efficiencies of restaurant and hospitality clients, buildinglong-term brand sustainability – offering gourmet branding, something unlike anything found in a typical agency or consulting firm.

“Since our founding in 1994, we have always sought to provide our restaurant, food, and hospitality clients with the tools necessary to refine their brands, improve operations, and move to the next level of performance – we call it BRAND WOW,” says Tom Kelley, principal of Concept Branding Group. “By creating this mind trust and centralizing our ideas, recommendations, and concept refinements, we are fully able to bring a fresh perspective to restaurant operators and managers to set new levels of achievement by activating brand loyalty and enforcing brand promises – and keep them wow-ing their guests. We are well poised to add value and grow client profile in bold, creative ways for restaurants and hospitality locally, regionally, and nationally.”

“Our goal is to become a strong Brand Ambassador for our client’s business,” says Larry Bevins, principal of AccessPoint Media Group. “We want to deliver much more than simply decorative solutions, but rather bring intelligent, strategic, visual problem solving to the table – the kind of stuff that resonates with target audiences, builds the brand for long-term success, and improves the restaurant’s bottom line.”

Long-time Southern California restaurant and food and beverage coach and manager Steve Gostin will also complement the existing restaurant tune up and business reviews that the firm will be conducting for existing and new entrepreneurs entering the restaurant and retail food industry.

The firm is aggressively seeking and already is in contention for both small and large projects, both locally and regionally. It welcomes all inquiries from individuals, companies and organizations seeking to enliven their brand identities.

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