Pacific’o on the Beach, renowned for its romantic beachfront dining experience on Maui since 1993, announces the unfolding of a re-energized restaurant concept. Poised to evolve into a landmark dining destination, the revitalized restaurant introduces a refreshed brand, a powerhouse team, imaginative food and beverage offerings, plus a contemporary-fashioned space , while maintaining its dedicated service and unparalleled dining experience that guests have come to enjoy since 1993.

Pacific’o’s new leadership team is headed by original partner Louis Coulombe and managing partners Michele and Qiana Di Bari of the famous Sale Pepe Pizzeria e Cucina in Lahaina. Through fruitful collaboration, they bring to life Coulombe’s transformation vision and uphold his commitment to meet changing customer expectations and upcoming trends. Restauranteur Michele Di Bari lends his expertise in food and beverage operations while his wife Qiana, a former music business executive, handles marketing relations and brand communication.

“Pacific’o has become an iconic part of Maui history where people come to celebrate their most special moments. We would love for that legacy to live on with future generations choosing to create memories here,” says Qiana Di Bari, Managing Partner of Pacific’o on the Beach.

Maui’s own Isaac Bancaco was handpicked to take the culinary reins as Executive Chef. Widely recognized for his innovative style, contributions to the local Hawaiian food community, and his distinctive credo rooted in deep love for his land, Chef Isaac was the management’s unanimous choice for executing the gastronomic facet of the new restaurant concept. He adds an unprecedented twist to his signature style of highlighting farm-fresh ingredients and traditional flavors, telling the story behind every dish.

“It’s fun to work with a group of forward thinkers who support free-flowing creativity,” says Isaac Bancaco, Executive Chef of Pacific’o on the Beach. “Guests will discover unexpected twists to classics like Southern Fried Chicken but cooked the traditional Hawaiian way and served with malasadas (popular donut-like Hawaiian dessert) or the Mahi-Mahi Wellington paired with Lobster Tail wrapped like Lau Lau (a Hawaiian steamed dish typically with pork and butterfish wrapped in luau leaves).

Coulombe refers to Bancaco as a dynamo who breathes renewed energy to the team. Working alongside him is Executive Sous Chef McKenna Shea who brings her forte in savory and sweet dishes while Bar Manager Mari Howe creates lively libations including her “grass to glass” concoctions.

Sharing a deep reverence for their land and community, the entire team demonstrates respect and care for the environment in everything they do at Pacific’o. As Maui’s only restaurant with its own farm now growing up to 150 different crops, Pacific’o enjoys a steady supply of local fresh produce for their farm-to-table menu. In the revamped restaurant, every detail—from the light fixtures to the dining tables and chairs— expresses sentimental significance. The restaurant doors have been replaced with cypress wood from Haleakala. The bar’s countertop, handmade by Coulombe himself, is repurposed eucalyptus from O’o Farm. The remnants have been ingeniously converted into bread and cheese boards for dining use.

Being West Maui’s only restaurant on the beach with the best view in town, the space redesign infuses color schemes that offer a semblance of the glamorous Côte d’Azur. The bright hues representing Lahaina’s sunny skies are also depicted in the refreshed logo. Relaxed but trendy, the overall atmosphere is stylish yet timeless, offering a charming coastal venue for that inimitable celebration whether a candle-lit dinner, a social night out, or a large party event.

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