Imagine if servers at bars or restaurants could aim a smartphone at the barcode on the back of a driver's license to instantly read and verify the encoded information and display the results-including the bearer's name, height, weight, eye color, hair color, gender, issue date, expiration date, issuing jurisdiction and ID number…and most of all, date of birth and calculated age.

Well, now it can be done. Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. a global leader in identity solutions and wireless security systems, has officially launched barZappT, an ID-checking mobile app that allows a user's smartphone to verify the authenticity of an ID card.

barZapp incorporates Intellicheck Mobilisa's patented ID Check software, instantly verifying the authenticity of U.S. and Canadian driver licenses and ID cards, as well as U.S. military and government-issued ID cards.  No special hardware is needed. The waitstaff simply point the built-in camera of the iPhone or Android to decode the driver's license barcode, and the barZapp software does the rest.

This system can be utilized by servers at bars, restaurants and other establishments to reduce the chances of receiving fines and penalties when age-restricted products like alcohol, tobacco products, access or movies, for example, are unknowingly sold to underage purchasers.

With stored historical information, users will be able to analyze key marketing data that can be used to enhance their businesses. Previous visit information, and ratio of women to men, are displayed. New features will soon be added to barZapp, including VIP lists, as well as lists of banned patrons.

The introduction of barZapp offers an exciting and powerful new tool to battle the problem of fake IDs and underage drinking. This low-cost solution can not only help to deter underage drinking, but also help protect alcoholic beverage and tobacco product providers from costly fines and potential loss of license from serving underage drinkers.


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