Ordering delivery, working from home and staying comfy have become second nature this past year; and now, Outback Steakhouse has designed the perfect outfit for doing all three. Stay cozy this winter in Steak Wear by Outback—new stylish sweatsuits decked out with popular cuts of steak and Bloomin’ Onions. The athleisure wear is perfect for Outback delivery and could be the newest staple of your WFH wardrobe.

“There’s no denying that life is very different than it was ten months ago,” says Danielle Vona, Outback Steakhouse’s Chief Marketing Officer. “More people are having food delivered and comfort clothes have become the go-to for lounging at home, so we decided to offer both.”

When guests order their favorite steak (or any dish) for delivery on Outback.com, they will have a chance to win one of 75 exclusive, snuggly and delicious looking sweatsuits—complete with top and bottom. Choose from three bold options:

  • Sizzlin’ Steak Sweats: For a look that says “I never sacrifice on comfort or flavor”
  • The Bloom Suit: Cover yourself in the crispy, crunchy and iconic Bloomin’ Onion
  • Looking Like an Entrée: Why look like a snack when you can look like a whole Outback meal?

Two Ways to Enter

  • Order takeaway or delivery. When you order from Outback.com, enter STEAKWEAR as the promo code to be entered for a chance to win starting January 27.
  • Show some love. Follow Outback on Instagram, tag a friend in the comments and be sure to include #SteakWear.

Craving comfort? Dig in for a chance to win a pair of sizzling sweats, fresh off the grill. Supplies are limited. Enter now through February 2.

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