Outback Steakhouse is introducing Click Thru Seating, allowing guests to view wait time data online.

In a recent survey, Outback asked consumers about the wait times at their favorite restaurants and found that, on average, people have waited nearly 40 minutes to be seated. Outback is excited to be the only national restaurant chain to provide guests with online access to real-time wait time data, helping them put their name on the waitlist to get seated faster.

With Click Thru Seating, guests visit Outback.com to view the current wait time at their local Outback restaurant and put their name on the wait list for now or later. Unlike a traditional reservation, late guests will not be dropped from the wait list or penalized.

Plus, because most people today are using mobile devices, this tool provides guests with control and accessibility to wait time data from anywhere.

"No one goes to a restaurant to wait," says John Schaufelberger, Outback Steakhouse chief marketing officer. "Click Thru Seating is the fastest way to get seated at Outback Steakhouse, allowing guests to plan ahead and decide how they want to spend their time."

Launching just in time for the busy holiday season, Click Thru Seating is poised to help guests manage their time. Outback's survey revealed that on average, people wish there were four additional hours per day during the holiday season to get things done. With time saving technologies, consumers can spend less time waiting and more time marking off holiday checklists.

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