OSHAKits.com, a leading developer of customizable Food Safety Spill Kits, announced the availability of its new Premium Food Safety Spill Kit featuring PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer. The partnership between OSHAKits.com and GOJO Industries, the inventor of PURELL products, was first announced in May 2017 at the National Restaurant Association show.

“Norovirus can quickly spread through a restaurant, and this is why national restaurant and retail food chains are choosing to implement biohazard cleanup kits system-wide for spills involving vomit, blood, feces and other potentially infectious body fluids,” said Owen Griffin, vice president of business development for OSHAKits.com. “We saw the need to develop a complete kit that features products designed to quickly and effectively kill E. coli, norovirus and other potentially hazardous bacteria and viruses that can cause foodborne illnesses.”

A ready-to-use food contact safe and OSHA-compliant spill kit ensures all biohazard cleanup materials for a single event can be accessed at once when needed. Each kit contains a bilingual training guide, protective equipment for employees and disposal supplies for the safe removal of fluids. “With a well-developed set of protocols, employees will have the confidence and ability to be ready, having the training and the critical cleanup tools they need,” says Griffin.

All OSHAKits.com Food Safety Spill Kits are easy-to-access capsules—easy for staff to get to when accidents happen and easy for health department inspectors to see that an establishment is prepared. The kits contain everything an operator needs—and everything used in the kit is designed and portioned for immediate disposal upon completion of the cleanup, a critical final step.

Each kit also contains a single-use bottle of new PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer. OSHAKits.com selected this product because of its proven efficacy, including its ability to offer 30-second kill times for foodborne pathogens like norovirus and salmonella as well as influenza.

“The impressive numbers to remember on PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer are 3,000, 100, 10 and one,” says Griffin. “Of the 3,000 EPA-registered surface disinfectants on the market today, 100 have the EPA’s lowest allowable toxicity rating and, of those, only 10 carry the EPA’s Designed for the Environment (DfE) designation. Of these, only PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer offers 30-second disinfection of viruses, like norovirus, that our premium kits required. From 3,000 to one. That’s a no-brainer.”

OSHAKits.com is dedicated to abating the spread of the dangerous and highly contagious norovirus. Eateries, stores, and food manufacturers can count on them for employee training and compliance-readiness materials. To jumpstart a behavior-changing, best-practices approach to biohazard cleanup, major chains can call OSHAkits.com at 800-270-0153 to schedule a presentation by representatives from both OSHAKits.com and GOJO.

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