Executive Chef Noah Sandoval, Pastry Chef Genie Kwon, and General Manager Cara Sandoval will debut Oriole, a 28-seat fine-dining restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood opening on March 10. Oriole transcends a typical fine-dining experience through an immersive, extended format-tasting menu positioning each guest at the center of an interactive and unforgettable meal.

Award-winning Chefs Sandoval and Kwon and their kitchen team have imagined an inspired menu enjoyed by guests through an extended-format tasting experience. The kitchen gains inspiration from the entire staff and diners alike, fostering a strong family dynamic and even stronger menu. Seafood makes a substantial presence, and each dish takes into consideration the origin of its ingredients when developing flavor profiles. A menu is not provided to guests prior to the meal; rather, the experience is a surprise. Sample dishes on the menu, priced at $175 per person, include:

  • Osetra Caviar: Egg yolk gelato, aquavit, and hazelnut.
  • Steelhead Trout: Smoked roe, artichokes, and marjoram.
  • Rye Capellini: Yeast butter, black truffle, and tangerine lace.
  • Lamb Belly: Pine nuts, pear, and sauternes.
  • Gianduja Palette: Banana, lemon, and goat yogurt.
  • Chicory Custard: Whiskey, cinnamon, and Tahitian vanilla.

The restaurant’s beverage program, curated by Sommelier Aaron McManus, focuses on Old World wines and classic cocktails with a personal touch. Oriole will offer two pairings to complement the extended tasting menu: The Pairing features wine, cocktails, and juices for $75 per person; the Reserve Pairing features select wines for $125 per person. A list of curated classic cocktails, along with wines by the bottle and glass are also available for guests, providing many options to accommodate guests for every occasion.

The Oriole team imagined the restaurant’s décor themselves, incorporating vintage elements into the elegant, yet industrial space. On a quiet side street of the West Loop, a small plaque on a large industrial door subtly announces Oriole, welcoming diners into the restaurant through a vintage freight elevator. With only 28 seats, Oriole provides ample table space to accommodate a multicourse meal. Custom mid-century banquettes anchor the room, joined by black leather armchairs in a dining space with clear views into the open kitchen. Artwork adds personality to the exposed brick walls, while wooden beams overhead and oak floors below provide warmth, furthered by the glowing lanterns above each table. A cool and calming blue covers the walls, while crisp, white linens draw the eye to the table.

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