Original Review, a customer insight solutions company, announced the launch of its OR Customer Insight Platform Monday, which addresses three key challenges facing restaurants of all types and sizes: real-time feedback on food and service, external reviews that are real and plentiful, and customer engagement. The OR Customer Insight Platform uses a short survey to gather real-time feedback from customers while they are in the restaurant, or “at the origin.”  Original Review will be demonstrating the OR Customer Insight Platform at the NRA Show 2016, hosted by the National Restaurant Association, in Chicago, May 21—24.

The OR Customer Insight Platform consists of three key elements:

Tablet with Customer Survey—when the bill is presented at the end of the meal, diners are presented with a restaurant-branded Kindle tablet and asked to answer four short questions. At the end of the survey, diners can opt to share their contact information for future promotions and post their review to Original Review’s external consumer site, OriginalReview.com. 

All survey responses feed immediately into an internal operations dashboard for real-time restaurant management. 

Internal Operations Dashboard—the heart of the OR solution, the internal operations dashboard provides restaurant management and staff immediate feedback on food, service, ambiance and a diner’s overall restaurant experience. The dashboard includes alerts that can be preset by owners and managers so that flagged issues, i.e. a rating of less than 3 stars, can be addressed immediately, often while the diner is still in the restaurant. With this real-time feedback, managers have the opportunity to correct issues immediately and ensure the customer leaves satisfied.

The operations dashboard also includes a customer engagement module that enables owners to market to those patrons who have shared their contact    information. The initial module will include automatic promotions for a customer’s birthday.

Consumer Review Site—OriginalReview.com is a new type of review site where all reviews are posted from within the restaurant, so consumers can be confident that the reviews they see are real and “straight from the table”.  No reviews can be posted from outside the restaurant, eliminating concerns of fraud around review sites. In addition, since each diner is presented the opportunity to provide feedback, early indications show that the number of reviews for each restaurant is skyrocketing, overcoming issues around old or spotty reviews. 

“Original Review will change the way the restaurant owners and managers view their business, and our solution provides them with an easy-to-use tool for increasing revenues and customer engagement almost immediately,” says Frederick Lightbourn, co-founder and chief customer officer. “Since I started piloting OR in my own restaurant, I am seeing upticks in service, positive customer engagement and number of reviews.”

The OR Customer Insight Platform is already being used in four restaurants in the Bahamas, two in Dallas, two in Oklahoma City, and five in India, with plans to launch additional pilots in these cities within the coming weeks, including one in Michigan. 

“Original Review is a ‘hat trick’ of actionable feedback, real and trusted consumer reviews, and customer engagement and loyalty,” adds Debra Lukacsko, co-founder and CEO. “Already, after just a few shorts months of Beta testing, restaurants are seeing clear, measurable benefits that are helping them optimize their operations.” 

Original Review provides data that is invaluable to restaurant owners and managers, as never before has diner feedback been so readily available, plentiful and actionable. Original Review customers are already putting this data to use in a variety of ways, including: adding more training for service staff, changing music levels after several complaints in a single day, testing new menu items and determining best practices before opening a second restaurant, among others.

“The insight and information that OR is providing me on a daily basis is truly unbelievable. I know what is working, what needs to be tweaked and how my servers are doing. As a result, I am able to be more proactive and on top of minor issues before they become big problems,” says Ildefonso Jimenez, owner of Si Tapas restaurant located in Dallas.

Original Review is a customer insight solutions company that enables restaurants to gather real-­time customer feedback at “the origin”, enabling better service, better marketing and greater transparency on a daily basis. With the OR Customer Insight Platform, restaurant owners and managers get a turnkey solution that transforms in-restaurant feedback into valuable operational and marketing data that helps drive revenues for any size restaurant or franchise. To learn more, visit www.originalreview.com

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