Silicon Valley-based restaurant technology startup,, has developed a best-in-class, full food ordering chatbot to launch early in Q2 to over 6,000 restaurants in the U.S. The company will initially offer restaurant clients and consumers access to Foodiebot Voice for Amazon Alexa followed by Foodiebot Chat for Facebook Messenger and other chatbot platforms. The Foodiebot portal is an entirely new sales channel that will scale to handle millions of restaurants worldwide.

The launch will support more than 6,000 restaurants nationwide through a partnership with Vancouver-based MonkeyMedia Software, creator of MONKEY, the No. 1 cloud-based software for takeout, delivery and catering.

“There is no precedent for a restaurant technology startup launching with this many restaurants while enabling a new conversational commerce sales channel for an entire industry,” says Michael L. Atkinson, CEO and founder, and long-time restaurant technology entrepreneur. “We are extremely proud to partner with MonkeyMedia Software to bring Foodiebot to its more than 6,000 restaurant clients, integrating seamlessly with its food ordering solution for takeout and delivery.”

“Orderscape brings decades of restaurant expertise and a best-of-breed conversational UI to our restaurant partners. Foodiebot creates real value, reaching more customers and generating new revenue in an entirely new way,” says Mo Asgari, president of MonkeyMedia Software.

“With mobile apps withering on the vine, conversational commerce is an exciting new trend, but it’s extremely challenging to get right. Our team pushes the envelope beyond today’s state-of-the-art simple reordering of preset meals to full menu ordering capability for potentially millions of restaurants. Our goal has been to create a truly magical ordering experience for customers that scales worldwide,” said Ted Cohn, CTO and founder.

Customers will be able to access Orderscape’s Foodiebot on Amazon Alexadevices initially via custom-branded skills for each restaurant brand partner. Shortly after its Alexa rollout, the company plans to publish Foodiebot for Facebook Messenger.

“Through this new platform and integration we will be able to further shape how and when customers order their food, and get it delivered,” says Erle Dardick, CEO and founder, MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute and Catering Insights. “This partnership marks a new era in food ordering.”

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