Ordermark, a leading mobile-order technology service aggregator for restaurants, is announcing a new partnership today with Waitr, a popular on-demand food ordering and delivery company.

Restaurants can use the Waitr app to generate more orders and have those orders printed directly in the kitchen via the Ordermark platform, alongside orders from other delivery services. Since the onset of COVID-19, the demand for additional delivery options has skyrocketed and offering delivery through third party apps has become a necessity while most restaurants have been closed for dine-in.

Waitr continues to actively work with their local communities, diners, restaurant partners, and drivers in joint efforts to mitigate risks and hardships arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The app offers No-Contact delivery for all restaurant and grocery orders, alcohol delivery and most recently Dine-In service capabilities. Both Waitr and Nextbite have been working with new and existing restaurant partners to boost delivery potential and sustain their businesses in the current environment by providing restaurants with free marketing and promotional support, discounted delivery fees and other assistance. 

“Waitr is a huge player within the restaurant space and we are thrilled to partner with them to help drive more orders and revenue for both our virtual kitchen and brick and mortar partners,” says Alex Canter, the founder and CEO of Ordermark.

“This new agreement with Ordermark reinforces Waitr’s commitment to our restaurant partners as we continue to do everything we can to further improve and increase their delivery success.” adds Carl Grimstad, CEO and chairman of the Board of Waitr.

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