Orderbird AG, a leading software solutions provider for the hospitality industry in Europe adds Mark Schoen, a veteran in the point-of-sale (POS) industry, to its senior management team. The American executive has extensive leadership experience working at Orderman GmbH, Radiant Systems, Inc. and NCR Corporation, and brings 25 years of  expertise in successful technology implementation and organizational leadership to the table. As Co-CEO his role will be to shape the future of orderbird together with founder and CEO Jakob Schreyer.

Mark was a Division President at Radiant Systems Inc., leading an international team of more than 300 employees who focused on the development, sale, deployment and support of business technologies for retailers and hospitality operators in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East for more than 15 years.

He expanded the company capabilities globally and realized continuous growth. Radiant’s clients ranged from small business to big global brands such as KFC, 7-Eleven and Burger King. For Radiant’s Austrian subsidiary Orderman, Mark took over the management for three years and his team successfully launched the Columbus POS platform and its additional services while growing the organization’s market-leading sales in handheld-ordering devices.

After the acquisition of Radiant Systems by NCR Corporation, Mark became Vice President of business development for company’s hospitality division working on partner management and acquisition-related activities.

Since 2013, the experienced technology manager has focused his energy as an investor and strategic advisor for a variety of technology startups including orderbird. Starting last month, Mark is now occupying the company’s newly created position as Co-CEO and is based at orderbird’s headquarters in Berlin.

Mark’s main focus is the operational side of the business including the support of the product management and software development departments. Having clear goals and focusing on consistent, sustainable execution are his top priorities.

“I want to add to orderbird’s young, dynamic culture by providing my experience of having grown from a small technology provider to a more mature, structured organization,“ says Mark. “My passions are making our orderbird people successful and in enabling smaller restaurant operators to realize important, tangible benefits from the digitalization of their businesses that we provide. orderbird has already proven itself to be an innovative and courageous organization,” Mark continued. “We now want to increase the value that we are delivering to our customers every day.”

“orderbird has grown immensely in the last few years. We now want to reach the next milestone and further increase our leading market position with the help of Mark’s seniority and industry knowledge. We are currently in a very exciting phase transforming from a simple iPad-POS to an assortment of valuable services of the future,” says Jakob Schreyer, CEO and founder, orderbird AG. For Jakob, the extensive hospitality industry knowledge and POS background a candidate like Mark provides, means big things are in store for orderbird in the future.

Together with Jakob and Mark, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Patrick Brienen and Chief Financial Officer Tom Koehl are leading the growth.

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