In Los Angeles, the founders of Order For Me, a new contactless dining platform, are supporting the local community by offering the service free for life for Black-owned restaurants, with no commission or service fees – ever. Developed pre-COVID, Order For Me has seen a huge uptick in demand this year as restaurants struggle to stay afloat due to statewide mandates. Order For Me provides these businesses a convenient, safe resource to help them pivot and stay afloat.

The growing tech platform is now available in over 30 LA restaurants and uses QR technology to provide safe and contactless dining for customers and staff. Customers can view the entire menu, place orders, pay, split the bill and tip – all with your mobile phone. Not only does this process make it easy for customers, but it reduces the risk of exposure to both customers and staff by eliminating the need to touch menus, bills and money (which are both notoriously dirty to begin with).

“The employees like the safety of staying away from cash and cards just as much as the customers,” notes Marina Aljanedi, owner of Papille Gustative in Santa Monica. “When we tell people they don’t need to come inside and can sit down and use their phone, the reaction is amazing. We hear all day how easy it is to order, people thank us.”

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