The workflow app for chefs makes intuitive inventory building even easier.

Opsi, a workflow app for chefs, introduces a new Inventory Tool designed to offer chefs a user-friendly and streamlined method for personalizing, counting, generating reports, and collaborating on inventory. This tool is just one example of how opsi is dedicated to empowering kitchen teams, optimizing efficiency, and consolidating all operational processes.

Opsi’s new Inventory Tool offers restaurants a robust platform to streamline inventory management, monitor stock levels, and enhance order precision. With features such as custom inventory guides, cross-device counting capabilities, scheduled count prompts, inventory analytics, and real-time cost updates, the tool empowers restaurant staff to maintain accurate inventory records, facilitating smarter choices for procurement and menu planning.

Says opsi Co-Founder Matt Luckey, “We are proud to introduce the Inventory Tool within opsi’s workflow app – it’s functionality our customers have been asking for, and we’re excited to deliver. This provides a fantastic opportunity for restaurant teams to gain stronger control over their inventory.”

Opsi was established by childhood friends Luckey and James Passafaro, who each brought unique skill sets to the table. Luckey is an expert in product design, while Passafaro boasts more than 16 years of experience as a chef in the restaurant sector. They came together due to a shared realization of the necessity to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in the fast-paced and occasionally hectic kitchen setting. With firsthand knowledge of the challenges encountered in the industry, Passafaro recognized the significance of an innovative solution that directly tackles issues presented in the kitchen.

“We’re bridging the gap between traditional inventory practices and the digital age,” offers Passafaro. “This tool is about giving chefs and restaurant managers the clarity and control they need to run their kitchens with precision and confidence.”

The launch of the Inventory Tool follows opsi’s recent release of the Recipe Costing Tool, delivering a complete set of resources that also includes digital prep lists, task lists and a centralized team chat for kitchen workflow. These two new features enable kitchen teams to address any challenges in a more cooperative, efficient, and simplified manner.

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