The company that was formerly Only Roses has rebranded as Luxe Bloom and will continue to provide luxury hospitality operators in U.S. hotels, fine-dining restaurants, and high-end spas with natural, long-lasting rose arrangements made from the world’s highest quality Ecuadorian roses that last up to 60 days.

With her background as a brand marketing executive for Fortune 50 companies, launching Luxe Bloom was a natural venture for founder, Shelley Rosen. "The company was established to solve problems for luxury hospitality operators with a lens on innovation and creativity," says Rosen.

"Our floral arrangements last several weeks and do not require water or refrigeration to keep their natural beauty, saving time and money while improving operating costs.”

The roses are grown under Flor Ecuador regulatory standards which monitors Ecuadorian floral firms. As Rosen explains, "It’s the proximity to the equator that enables Ecuador’s farmers to produce the finest flowers in the world. That is why we are closely working with the Trade Office of Ecuador in Chicago to support Keep Trade Going efforts between the U.S. and Ecuador."

A multi-tier supply chain is critical to Luxe Bloom. In addition to selling luxury flower arrangements, Luxe Bloom is also the exclusive distributor of San Andres Farms’ long-lasting roses known as the Kiara Collection.

Maria Clara Correa, CEO of San Andres Farms says, "We are delighted to welcome Luxe Bloom into our clientele. Kiara Collection Preserved Roses and Luxe Bloom create high-end products that meet the needs of luxury business operators."


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