Online platforms foh&boh, a robust and innovative hiring platform, and Slice, the platform powering the nation’s largest network of independent pizzerias announced today a partnership to assist restaurants who might be struggling to find staff in the midst of the historic labor shortage. The significant partnership allows 17,000 Slice pizzerias across the country to utilize the online recruiting platform to post and fill open positions.

Foh&boh launched in 2019 as a food tech company and has quickly accelerated to serve restaurants in over 50 markets with a sophisticated recruiting platform that provides a tight solution for hospitality companies who struggle with staggering turn-over rates.

The platform is serving hundreds of businesses that span from major brands like Nordstrom, Hilton, Omni Hotels & Resorts, The Palm, KFC and J Alexanders to niche chains across the country by giving them access to more than 1 million candidates searching for work.

“At Slice, our purpose is to provide independent pizzerias with the tools, technology and guidance they need to thrive,” says Kevin Hamilton, VP of Brand at Slice. “An unprecedented number of restaurants have been affected by staffing shortages and our team has been working hard to identify the optimal solutions. This partnership with foh&boh has helped our partners get connected with qualified pizza makers, delivery drivers, cashiers, and restaurant staff members allowing pizzerias to bounce back and maximize efficiency.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Slice and help independent pizzerias across the country fill open positions,” says foh&boh CEO Halle Hayes. “We have the unque capabilities to utilize more than 60 job boards and instantly sort and match candidates based on listed criteria. We allow employers to meet the candidates where they are, whether that be their phone or computer. They can chat, schedule interviews and hire in real-time via text message. It’s a win for both parties. This partnership allows us to give local pizzerias access to job candidates they might not reach otherwise and do so quickly in a challenging market.”

Additional technology allows foh&boh to provide real-time data on job board analytics, competitor research and tools to showcase brands wanting to attract candidates.

Slice gives local pizzerias the specialized technology, data insights and shared services needed to compete with major corporate chains. Additionally, customers are able to utilize the website or app to find and order from their local pizza shops.

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