Rouxbe, today announced its 10-hour Kitchen QuickStart training course will immediately be available for free. The offering comes as the industry struggles to find qualified staff to meet their needs in a post-pandemic reality. The course is designed to provide returning and new frontline kitchen staff the fundamentals necessary to ensure a smooth transition into the kitchen.

“We developed Kitchen QuickStart as an affordable way for restaurants to get their staff trained efficiently as they head back to work, and quickly realized the need for the program was greater than even we anticipated,” says Scott Samuel, Vice President of Culinary at Rouxbe. “We speak to so many restaurant and hospitality owners who have been hit hard this past year, and now that things are looking up, staffing has become a real issue. In addition to the free Kitchen Safety Course we offered at the start of the pandemic, providing this course at no charge is a small way of giving back to an industry that has suffered this year.”

The course includes 10-hours of instruction, with 14 key lessons that range from using a chef’s knife and roasting vegetables, to vinaigrette basics and poultry fundamentals. There are over 50 instructional videos, with knowledge check quizzes after each section. At completion, students will be knowledgeable in a variety of cooking methods, ingredients and kitchen terminology that will help them hit the ground running.

“Not every restaurant can continue to raise wages in the hopes of securing employees, however by offering training, they are able to invest in their employees in a way that can benefit everyone — from the employee to the restaurant owner,” continues Samuel.

Access to the course can be found at

The Kitchen QuickStart course is a great introduction to Rouxbe’s professional courses. For restaurant managers looking to further their staff’s education, Rouxbe also offers a 30-hour Basic Training Course, a 110-hour Pro-Course, and in-depth courses in Seafood Literacy, Plant-Based Foundations, Introduction to Pastry Arts and more.

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