Diners sit down at the table of their choice, place their order easily, get served and pay quickly while restaurants increase profits and table-turns, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs. OneDine addresses industry changes and compliance regulations by providing more automation and solving increasing challenges of labor costs.

The innovative restaurant AI platform creates a user-friendly, frictionless dining experience offering tableside ordering and payment at a fraction of the cost of competitors and up to 20 times the speed. Guests use their cellphones to see all menu items, order and pay. Servers are equipped with wearable devices which allow for faster, focused and more efficient service. OneDine makes the dining experience for everyone more efficient and streamlined and when customer satisfaction goes up so do server tips.

While competitors boast similar features, OneDine is in its own category when it comes to ease of use, elegance of design and actionable data.

As we begin a new decade in which AI and automation are key factors for growth, OneDine has superior functionality helping restaurants increase revenue and centralize operations with seamless set-up and fast, easy POS and 3rd party integration, tableside ordering and payment, wearable tech for servers, guest POS data capture generates surveys to optimize marketing, and more.

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