We tend to think of caviar as a luxury, available only to a select few. But Edward Eliachov has set out to change that. An experienced hospitality professional, Edward has created a caviar haven, a place where you can relax and taste a range of premium caviar in different forms, paired with Champagne, cocktails or chilled vodka.

Eliachov’s partner is Igor Eliachov, the president of Olma Food, a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of the finest caviar since 2001. With Igor as the supplier, Eliachov is able to offer the highest quality premium product at the best value, direct to the customer.

Olma Caviar Boutique & Lounge is an expansion of the very successful Olma Caviar Boutique & Bar in The Plaza Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel. In the much larger space on New York City’s Upper West Side, guests can recline on royal blue banquettes or upholstered stools, make themselves comfortable at the bar, or at high top tables, under bubbly glass lighting fixtures that are reminiscent of caviar and champagne.

Eliachov’s unique concept—and what makes Olma Caviar Boutique and Lounge special—is the way that visitors can taste and sample the caviar. In most places, dinners need to order caviar by the ounce, with a minimum order. At Olma, guests can start with a single serving, a blini or hard-boiled egg white topped with anything ranging from salmon roe for $5 to top of the line beluga caviar for a very reasonable $32. The result is an experience that is luxurious, but that is accessible to everyone. For those who seek it, the very best, most sought after caviar can be found here. Guets can also sample other luxury foods imported by Olma including smoked salmon and very hard to find cold smoked arctic char.

At the entrance, guests will see a Faberge jewel case with a royal blue dome topped with a gold eagle, where the boutique retail caviar products are displayed. Any caviar you taste in the lounge is also available for retail sale from the caviar Boutique and available in any size, starting from 0.5 ounce small glass jars up to 17.6 ounce original blue caviar metal tins.

The caviar varieties include:

Salmon red: red to orange role, firm, glistening eggs with fresh, juicy crunch

Paddlefish black: from the Spoonbill fish, dark gray to black roe, with nice salinity, this is a domestic variety

Hackleback: from Hackleback Sturgeon, black or dark gray glistening eggs, firm with a nutty taste, also domestic

White Sturgeon: American White Sturgeon, slightly firm but delicate texture

Russian Siberian Aurora:  similar to Beluga, high quality, from Siberian sturgeon

Russian Osetra Karat: fresh and fruity, warm brown to dark gray color, firm and juicy, distinctive flavor, highly prized

Beluga: extremely mild, buttery and unique full-flavored aftertaste, large pearly light gray grains, firm, clear and glossy

Olma caviar is produced using many of the traditional Russian techniques. Their caviar masters use the “malossol” or “little salt” method to coax out the superb natural flavors in the black caviar, which is large-grained with a clean, nutty taste and distinctive creamy texture. Olma is the only company in the New York metropolitan area to import farmed Beluga caviar.

There are many ways to experience Olma: In addition to a single taste, diners can also experiment with appetizers, a foie gras platter, or a caviar tasting platter that gives diners a sample of every variety of Olma caviar, or a crab leg platter that features crab legs with melted butter, mini toasts and baguette. Patrons can share a caviar pizza, or enjoy a variety of caviar sandwiches—served open faced with butter on toasted baguette.

There are plenty of other options as well: Salads topped with a choice of grilled chicken, mango duck or prosciutto; paninis such as apple-manchego with fig jam and sliced apple or turkey and goat cheese; arctic char, salmon lox or foie gras on baguette, as well as a selection of entrees: Baked salmon filet with a smoky flavor; duck leg confit; or duck breast, all served with a choice of mashed potatoes, brown rice, couscous or grilled vegetables.

The emphasis on the highest quality ingredients extends to the cocktails: Only top-shelf brands are found on the speed rack. The cocktails list includes Moscow Mule, Rye Manhattan, Basil Martini, Uptown and many other cocktails. There is also an extensive red and white wine list and Champagnes such as Dom Perignon, Krug, Veuve Cliquot, Cristal, Ace of Spades and many other popular brands. Beer is available on tap and by the bottle. There is also a complete Italian espresso bar and a selection of green, white and black teas.

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