O’Charley’s Restaurant + Bar today announced the launch of the Songwriters Café restaurant – a brand new, revolutionary concept with 100% of proceeds  supporting The Folded Flag Foundation. The Songwriters Café restaurant is made possible by  collaboration with some of country music’s biggest stars today, including Lee Brice, Tenille Arts,  Thompson Square and Liz Rose, who came together last year for the Songwriters Café virtual  concert series. 

The Folded Flag Foundation provides educational scholarships and grants to the families of  service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States. The Songwriters  Café restaurant is a virtual concept open this fall for a limited time, running from October 4  through November 21, and available on DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates. 

In 2020, O’Charley’s launched the Songwriters Café virtual concert series, which featured musical  artists including Lee Brice, Tenille Arts, Liz Rose and more to support Folded Flag and inspire  hope through a difficult, isolating year. The concert series helped O’Charley’s raise over $575,000  for the Foundation. O’Charley’s is taking that engagement a step further, working with these  artists to launch a Songwriters Café restaurant, with all proceeds going to Folded Flag. 

“I continue to be amazed at the amazing work of Folded Flag in support of Gold Star families, so  we launched the Songwriters Café restaurant to elevate our approach to using our resources to  support its mission,” says O’Charley’s CEO Craig Barber. “Coming together with some of  finest country music stars through Songwriters Café last year, we raised an amazing amount of  money for the Foundation and realized the potential of this sort of collaboration. We’re excited to  build on that momentum with the launch of the Songwriters Café restaurant and support Folded  Flag in a new way.”  

Supporting Folded Flag is an essential element of O’Charley’s Hometown Heroes initiative, with  O’Charley’s raising over $1.6 million for the organization since 2016. Hometown Heroes is  O’Charley’s way of showing appreciation for the local heroes in our communities – including  active-duty military members, veterans, Gold Star families, healthcare workers, first responders,  teachers and more.  

Guests who would like to make an impact through their next meal purchase can search for the  Songwriters Café restaurant through third-party delivery apps. Entrée options include the  following: 

• Chicken Tenders and Fries • Delta Catfish 

• Southern Fried Shrimp  • Bacon Cheddar Burger 

• Honey-Drizzled Southern Fried Chicken • New Orleans Cajun Chicken Pasta • Chicken Out Fried Chicken Sandwich • Southern Fried Chicken Tender Salad

What the Artists are Saying 

“I was honored to participate in the Songwriters Café concert series last year and the Songwriters  Café restaurant is taking it to a whole new level. O’Charley’s chicken tenders are awesome and  there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy them knowing that we are also giving back to such  an extraordinary cause.” Lee Brice 

“Last year at the Songwriters Café sessions, there was so much energy in the room for such a great  organization and I didn’t want that to ever end. I am honored to be able to continue supporting  Folded Flag this year and enjoying the Songwriters Café restaurant at the same time!” – Tenille  Arts 

“Folded Flag’s work is absolutely awe-inspiring, and we are so grateful to O’Charley’s for  connecting us with that organization. I’d recommend that everyone get a bite from the  Songwriters Café and then while you’re enjoying a delicious meal, research Folded Flag and see  what other ways you can help.” – Thompson Square 

“Ordering from the Songwriters Café and knowing we’re benefitting Folded Flag makes that meal  taste even more delicious. It’s absolutely now one of my go-to spots and I recommend it to  everyone.” – Liz Rose 

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