O’Charley’s Restaurant + Bar, the classic American restaurant with 151 locations across 17 states, is now making it easier than ever to raise money for a school or nonprofit by hosting an O’Charley’s “Meals for Good” digital gift card fundraiser. For every $25 gift card sold, the organization will receive $5 back for their cause.

“Meals for Good” gift card sales are a way to take each fundraiser further with a COVID-safe, contact-free way to earn money. The virtual gift cards are sent digitally, and they can be redeemed in stores or online on to-go purchases through order.ocharleys.com – so whether supporters would prefer a contactless take-out experience or the friendly, convenient dine-in service O’Charley’s offers, they will be able to enjoy a delicious warm meal while knowing they’re supporting a great cause.

In addition to the gift card fundraisers, O’Charley’s continues to offer “Hungry to Help” fundraiser days, where 15% of all purchases made by supporters at a select restaurant location will be given to a nonprofit or school.

O’Charley’s also supports teachers and their classrooms nationally through an annual fundraiser for DonorsChoose as part of their Hometown Heroes campaign, recognizing the men and women working amongst us every day to keep our communities safe, healthy and strong. Through this initiative, O’Charley’s recognizes teachers as well as military servicemembers and veterans, first responders and medical staff, and more. O’Charley’s is proud to serve the communities where they operate through this comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy.

If you work for a nonprofit or school and are interested in working with O’Charley’s on your next fundraiser, go to ocharleys.com/meals-for-good-fundraising/ to learn more and fill out an interest form.

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