Today’s professional environment often requires multitasking, with employees taking on greater responsibility and companies doing more with existing resources. Maybe it’s time to expect a little more out of your office bottle cooler, too. OASIS presents the ultimate multitasker—the Ultra S Carbonated Bottle Cooler. It dispenses refreshing cold still water just like you’re used to, but also offers lively chilled sparkling water and piping hot still water. That’s water three ways from the same machine!

Ultra S provides virtually continuous delivery of chilled still and sparkling water. A two-piece hot water tank also provides eight liters of hot water per hour. Lighted, color-coded LED activation buttons allow for simplicity of use.

How does Ultra S bring sparkling water to the office setting so easily? A Pressure Vessel Direct Chill (PVDC) system combines with a specially designed CO2/water mixer for state-of-the-art chilling and carbonation performance. The pre-carbonated cooled water is taken from the cold tank, pressurized through a pump, and mixed with CO2 gas within a carbonator tank inside the PVDC cooling tank system. The tank is made from food-grade plastics and 304 stainless steel for ultimate safety.

“Consumption of sparkling water is skyrocketing as consumers seek healthier alternatives to sugary carbonated drinks,” says Jeff Chiarugi, CEO of OASIS. “The Ultra S is a convenient and efficient way to offer this popular amenity, while also offering hot water on demand and standard chilled still water continuously.”

The Ultra S carbonates water at 3.2 to 3.5 volumes, similar to leading bottled brands, and can accommodate up to a 5-pound CO2 cylinder (pressure regulator and CO2 cylinder sold separately).

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