One might say the greatest challenge in maintaining the purity of drinking water in an away-from-home facility is how often that facility changes the filters on their water coolers. Well, what if they didn’t have to—or barely ever had to?

OASIS International, inventor of the modern-day drinking fountain, furthers its reputation as an innovator with the release of VersaFilter II, the company’s largest-capacity filter to date. This means for OASIS water fountains shipping with the new VersaFilter II in place (or when VersaFilter II is installed into an existing OASIS cooler as a replacement filter), facility maintenance managers can cross changing the filter off their list of things to do for almost one year. OASIS’ VersaFilter II is designed to last 3,000 gallons, or approximately 12 months, under usage conditions typical in a K-12 environment.*

VersaFilter II is a certified 3,000-gallon lead reduction filter—more than double the capacity of typical filters— that effectively reduces lead, cysts, and other contaminants while also filtering out chlorine taste and odor. Tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and NSF/ANSI Standard 42, VersaFilter II is a flexible water treatment solution that also improves the taste and appearance of drinking water for the bottle filler and the fountain.

“Purification at the point of use is critical to preventing contamination, and it is here where OASIS has always been the leader,” says Lou Busick, VP Innovation and New Product Development, OASIS International. “So when we were designing our next-generation fountains for schools and other large public spaces, attacking purity concerns became an early objective. VersaFilter II is a welcome addition to this legacy with its lead-fighting power, high capacity, and easy changeout to encourage timely replacement and uninterrupted protection.”

VersaFilter II offers the highest performance in the most user-friendly package available. Because of its high capacity, VersaFilter II effectively reduces the number of filter changeouts required to just once a year. When it is time for replacement, the specially designed automatic shut-off inside the filter head eliminates the need to shut off the water supply. Replacement can be completed in minutes.

With this extended life and easy changeout, VersaFilter II removes barriers that might otherwise prevent continuous protection against lead and other contaminants in drinking water. This innovative new filter will come standard on select OASIS coolers and bottle fillers.

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