We lose an average of 2.5 liters of water each day just through normal body processes. Replenishing what is lost is vital. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can have a major impact on physical and mental performance and, in converse, well-hydrated workers are better focused, have more energy, and are more productive. It makes sense that employers would want to make access to a ready supply of fresh, clean water as easy as possible. Sometimes the ability to do so is limited by external factors, usually a lack of plumbing lines to tap into. This is where bottle coolers can be a lifesaver.

Oasis International, the leader in innovative clean drinking water systems, introduces the new Aquarius Top Load. Offering a familiar bottle cooler orientation, Aquarius can go virtually anywhere, boosting access to hydration for all employees. Just plug it in for pure water no matter where they spend their workday—the belly of a factory, construction sites, offices, lobbies, medical wings, and more. It goes exactly where hydration and productivity go hand-in-hand, replacing single-use bottles and other spot hydration solutions.

Aquarius comes with tri-temp water dispensing standard on every unit, offering ultimate convenience, with cold, hot, and room temperature water available immediately with just one touch.

Each Aquarius unit has an extra-high 11-inch dispense height to easily accommodate today’s refillable water bottles, encouraging hydration on-the-go. The sleek, modern polymer cabinet complements contemporary public spaces with smart electronic controls and a small footprint. It is durable, won’t rust, and, when used correctly, won’t scratch floors.

Oasis also offers the Aquarius Bottom Load for places in which it is desirable to have no bottle visible. Standing less than 44 inches tall, it ensures an elegant fit in any room.

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