iTrueReview, the new instant feedback business review system, is offering free use of its platform with accompanying social media publicity for restaurants taking part in the NYC Restaurant Week, July 21 through August 15.

While guests queue up to 209 participating restaurants to taste amazing food and experience a variety of cuisines, the businesses themselves get to experience a taster of iTrueReview's new review system, one that guarantees genuine reviews and instant feedback.

Established in January 2013, iTrueReview offers a safe platform for genuine customers to review their restaurant experience before they leave the table. It's billed as an antidote to the problem of fake reviews that big review sites experience, and because reviews are immediately uploaded, it supplies valuable information that can be used by the restaurant on the same night.

Michael Shivili, CEO and founder of iTrueReview, says, "iTrueReview is looking forward to partnering with restaurants who are participating in Restaurant Week. It's a great way for consumers to try new cuisines while enabling businesses to share the experiences of their guests with everyone else. We are opening this opportunity to all restaurants nationwide."

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