NoshList has announced the release of its free iOS 7 wait list app, which includes several new features for improving the guest experience and operational efficiencies. The company also added a new analytics section on the NoshList website with downloadable reports that measure visitor activity and trends in a restaurant’s traffic and demographics.

Redesigned for iOS 7, the new NoshList app makes it easier to organize a waitlist and remember guest preferences with notes and sortable statuses. Users can define pre-set notes, such as dates of birthdays and anniversaries, that are selectable when adding parties. The notes can be viewed in the wait list for quick reference and can be synced across each device used in the restaurant.

The new app integrates the history of seated diners and other features into the main waitlist view in a more seamless ways, and offers additional opportunities to personalize the app from the settings. Table management has never been easier with customizable table selectors, and the ETA scheduling option lets restaurants keep track of same-day call-aheads. Parties that have an estimated arrival time are grouped below those with a quoted time, and people that add themselves to the list show up at the top with special highlighting to alert the hostess. (Click here to view a NoshList demo video highlighting the new features.)

“These new features and improvements have been designed to provide a more enhanced two-way communication system between restaurant employees and guests,” says NoshList CEO Craig Walker. “Based on user research, clients who used our guest management system reported a 16 percent increase in waitlist retention. We were thrilled by these results and will continue to improve the NoshList experience. We are the industry leader in regard to wait list functionality and will continue to push the boundaries of this technology.”

In addition to the new app features, the NoshList website now has several powerful analytical reports for paid premium users. The reports include:

  • Activity Overview: Trends in the numbers of diners seated by the day, week, or month
  • Demographics: Visitor breakdowns by age and gender
  • Party Sizes: Statistics based on diners by party size
  • Loyalty: Guests who visit your place when and how often, and their average length of wait
  • Activity Logs: For more custom analysis, all the data on parties added to NoshList

The NoshList wait list app closed out 2013 with more than 22 million diners seated across 4,000 restaurants. In the first quarter of this year, NoshList seated another 10 million diners, as growth continues to accelerate. The company also finished out 2013 as one of the first apps available on the Clover POS app marketplace.

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