The NoshList wait list app closed out 2013 with more than 22 million diners seated across 5,000 restaurants. The company also finished out the year as one of the first apps available on the Clover POS app marketplace.

"This past year was one of tremendous accomplishment for NoshList. From our integration with Clover to the addition of several new features to our app, our focus in 2013 was to provide the best wait list experience for our restaurant clients and their guests," says Craig Walker, NoshList CEO. "We have exciting plans for 2014 and will continue to raise the bar on wait list functionality."

New features added in 2013 included a multi-restaurant management tool, the first of its kind for the restaurant industry, and a public wait list that lets restaurants display their current waitlists to guests.

Moving forward in 2014, Walker predicts increased functionality for wait list apps in order to increase operational efficiency and extend beyond just restaurants.

"These functionalities could take the wait list feature to any establishment where people have to put their name on a list. This includes waiting rooms at doctors' offices and other similar places," Walker says.

Another technology trend restaurant operators will see this year: using one tablet to run several different restaurant applications.

"Operators will stop using multiple devices, such as a POS in the dining room and a tablet wait list by the front door," Walker says. "Instead, everything will be conducted from one general-purpose, POS-based tablet, which will lead to several different apps all accessible from the same place."

Noshlist also expects to seat nearly 100 million diners in 2014.


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