NoshList is expanding the use of its popular restaurant waitlist service to help businesses across all industries better manage their waitlists and reservations.

To reflect the rapid growth in new business segments, NoshList has changed its name to Waitlist Me.

Waitlist Me brings a new level of waitlist customization and functionality to any business aiming to serve customers more efficiently, and is now available across all platforms.

More than 57 million customers have been served since its launch in 2012, and WaitList Me offers unparalleled value at $19.99 per month for unlimited usage and features.

“Even when Waitlist Me was focused primarily on restaurants, smart businesses in other industries were finding creative ways to utilize the app,” says Brian Hutchins, Waitlist Me head of product. “We realized there was a much bigger opportunity to improve the customer waiting experience everywhere, and Waitlist Me has evolved to serve a much broader range of needs.”

The service is generating new industry-specific benefits. Examples of how the app is being used in areas such as child education, bowling, urgent care, and more are highlighted on theWaitlist Me blog.

“We expected the patients would appreciate the new waitlist options, but we didn’t anticipate that the physicians would also be happier because the patients are happier when they get into the room,” says Kelly Tolson, director of operations at Wisconsin-based ProHealth Care. “That has been a very nice surprise.”

The road to Waitlist Me was paved with a number of features and user experience improvements.  It started with enhancements for customized notifications and waitlist views.

Table management was made more flexible so customers could also be assigned to people or other resources. Later, more prioritization was put on features such as reservations and appointments. Finally, the company invested more resources into making Waitlist Me cross-platform so it would work on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, and even computers.

“WaitList Me is truly cross-platform, and that is key to bringing it to businesses everywhere. Some businesses don’t have Wi-Fi or have concerns using an iPad because of possible damage or theft. Now, even businesses with computers plugged into the Internet can use WaitList Me for their waitlists and reservations,” says Craig Walker, NoshList founder. “Our Android app also runs nicely on Clover, which is revolutionizing the way businesses think about POS systems.”

In addition to redesigned smart phone apps, Waitlist Me is launching with a few powerful new features. Premium users can now customize and enable feedback surveys to go out after customer visits.

Customers can easily send quick numerical ratings back in text messages or take surveys to rate their experiences in more detail, leave comments, and request a manager to contact them about their visit.

Waitlist Me is also announcing their partner API program along with their first major API integration with Enplug, a company that helps businesses better engage their customers with smart digital signage devices and software.

“It’s all about making it easier for people to run their businesses better so they can provide the best possible experience to their guests,” Walker says. “At the end of the day, everyone wins.”

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