For restaurant owners and managers looking to monitor customer wait lists across several locations, NoshList has created a multi-restaurant management tool as a key new feature for its wait list app, available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

The multi-restaurant management tool is the first of its kind for the restaurant industry and is just one of several new upgrades to NoshList and NoshList Premium.

"With an estimated 300,000 diners seated each weekend using the NoshList app, these upgrades have been designed to provide increased transparency for restaurant owners and managers and their guests," says Craig Walker, founder and CEO, NoshList. "We added these features and the new website in response to customer feedback and will continue to drive innovation within our company to ensure NoshList is the No. 1 wait list for restaurants."

The multi-restaurant management tool gives restaurant owners and managers the ability to monitor wait lists across several locations, add multiple managers to one location, or add and remove users across the organization as operations grow and change.

In addition to multi-restaurant management, NoshList has unveiled a public wait list that each restaurant can use to display its current waitlist to guests. Restaurant owners and managers can then create a customer-facing display of the list to let guests see where they are in line. Customers can also check it from their phones and, whenever a user leaves their phone number, they will receive a text message with a link that shows an updated view of the wait list with the user’s place in line highlighted.

"The public wait list feature is designed to enhance the guest experience because it gives them full insight into where they are in line and how much time is left before they're seated," Walker says. "Hosts and hostesses are free from questions such as: 'How much longer?' This means they can spend more time taking care of the customers while they wait."

NoshList Premium users can take the public wait list feature one step further by giving customers the ability to add themselves to a restaurant's wait list from home or mobile phone. Once a guest adds their name to the list, an alert appears on the restaurant's wait list for the hostess to accept the addition and estimate a wait time. Once approved, the customer is automatically sent a confirmation text with the information.

These new features are enhanced by a new NoshList website that is cleaner, faster, and mobile-friendly.


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