New England-based casual dining restaurant chain Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub announced that its Vice President of Operations, Charlie Noyes, will succeed the retiring John Grady as president of the company. The transition will be put into effect on November 11, 2013.

Noyes, having been with Ninety Nine since 1981, has been a proven leader and talented operator for the company over the last three decades. He started within a local Ninety Nine Restaurants as a server, bartender, and line cook while in college at Johnson & Wales University. He then worked his way up through the company after graduation, serving as general manager, director of operations and regional vice president of operations. Most recently, as vice president of operations, Noyes oversaw operations for over 100 restaurants and was involved in cross enterprise functions such as menu development, labor management, financial analysis, and strategic planning.

“We are thrilled to introduce veteran Ninety Nine Restaurants executive Charlie Noyes as president of the company,” says Hazem Ouf, CEO of American Blue Ribbon Holdings, the parent company of Ninety Nine. “Charlie is an extremely talented operator and proven leader and we know that he will work tirelessly to enhance Ninety Nine’s strengths in order to further exceed the expectations of its guests, team members and neighbors.”

Noyes will head the company during a time of change, momentum, and revitalization as Ninety Nine began a reimaging campaign earlier this fall. The update includes the introduction five newly remodeled restaurants, which occurred this year and a dozen next year as well as a brand new menu. Later this month the company will also open its first brand new restaurant, in Framingham Massachusetts.

“We’ve drawn from Ninety Nine’s robust history as a classic New England restaurant to set the stage for a refreshed Ninety Nine. We will maintain our reputation as the place where locals can enjoy a menu that provides classic All-American food and drink, served in our hearty New England style. Of course, we’ll continue with our passion to serve the community which is deeply rooted in our culture as well. I’m thrilled to take on the continued introduction of this effort across our footprint,” Noyes says.

Noyes is replacing the retiring John Grady, who has served as president of the company since 2004. Grady dedicated his career to Ninety Nine, having joined the company in 1975, after college, as a bartender.

 “In my time with Ninety Nine Restaurants I‘ve come to understand the need for strong leadership, innovation, and effective communication at every level of this great company,” says John Grady, retiring president of Ninety Nine. “I am more than certain that Charlie exemplifies each of these qualities and I’m excited to see where Ninety Nine goes next under his leadership.”

Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, the restaurant chain has been a New England staple for hearty food and casual dining since 1952. Under Grady’s leadership the brand has expanded to more than 100 locations in the northeast.

 “Working with John over the years has been especially rewarding,” says Charlie Noyes, new president of Ninety Nine. “His lasting vision and passion for our company and our people will always be an inspiration for me. I look forward to carrying on his legacy and know he will be proud of how we continue to build on his vision for Ninety Nine.”


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