This spring, leading premium meat brand Niman Ranch is debuting its Iberian Duroc Pork, with several of south Florida’s top restaurants being among the first in the country to serve the exclusive offering. Combining industry-leading animal care protocols with famed genetics sourced from the Iberian Peninsula, the Iberian Duroc pork further elevates Niman Ranch’s highest quality offerings and boasts robust marbling, a rich rosy color and a truly exceptional eating experience.

To launch its Iberian Duroc Pork line, Niman Ranch has partnered with four leading chefs in South Florida to offer the very first tastes of the new delicacy at their award-winning restaurants. Guests can be the first to try Niman Ranch’s Iberian Duroc pork in various dishes at the following Michelin and James Beard Foundation-recognized culinary destinations:

  • Buccan, Chef Clay Conley, Palm Beach
  • 2022 James Beard Award Finalist, Best Chef South
  • CHAR SIU PORK CHOP: Niman Ranch Iberian Duroc Bone-in Char Siu Pork Chop, Black Garlic Turnip Puree, Spring Onions
  • Ghee, Chef Niven Patel, Miami
  • 2023 James Beard Award Semifinalist, Outstanding Restaurateur
  • 2022 James Beard Award Semifinalist, Best Chef South
  • 2022 Michelin Bib Gourmand
  • 2022 StarChefs Rising Star
  • ROASTED PORK COLLAR: Niman Ranch Iberian Duroc Pork Collar, Madrasi Mash Yukon Potato, Mila Tomato Jam
  • Stage, Chef Pushkar Marathe, Palm Beach
  • 2023 James Beard Award Semifinalist, Best Chef South
  • JERK PORK AND PEAS: Niman Ranch Iberian Duroc Pork Collar, Kai-Kai Farms Black Eyed Peas, Grilled Pineapple, Scotch Bonnet
  • Zitz Sum, Chef Pablo Zitzmann, Miami
  • 2022 James Beard Award Semifinalist, Best New Restaurant
  • 2022 Michelin Bib Gourmand
  • CHINESE BBQ: Niman Ranch Iberian Duroc Pork Chop Marinated and Brushed with Beet Char Siu Sauce and Grilled over Binchotan Charcoal

 Home chefs in the area are also in luck, with the newly opened Plum Market in Aventura carrying several cuts of the flavorful pork in their fresh meat case including bone-in and boneless chops, whole pork loin and tenderloins.

Ever since Paul Willis, Niman Ranch’s founding hog farmer, sold his first pork chops to Chef Alice Waters in 1998 for the Chez Panisse menu, Niman Ranch has maintained a reputation for offering the best- tasting farm-to-table pork available to high-end chefs, values-driven restaurant chains and specialty grocers. The brand’s “secret sauce” isn’t so secret: By raising pigs on pasture or in deeply bedded pens and using hearty breeds that can thrive outside with lots of room to root, roam and play, Niman Ranch’s network of small, independent family farmers are able to produce extraordinary pork.

“Five years ago, Niman Ranch challenged itself to raise the bar to be sure we continue to offer the very best,” said Chris Oliviero, Niman Ranch General Manager. “We traveled the globe searching for hog breeds and genetics that would provide unrivaled marbling and flavor while being able to thrive in our outdoor-based farm model.” Niman Ranch sourced the Iberian Duroc genetics from Spain, a region that has long-prized marbling and rich flavor in its pork.

The reviews are coming in and the culinary community is abuzz about the new premium pork program.

“Iberian Duroc’s perfect marbling and great intramuscular fat keep the pork from drying out in different preparations, which means more flavor! I appreciate all the conscious efforts by Niman Ranch to cultivate great product for chefs here in the United States,” said Chef Pushkar Marathe.

Niman Ranch will continue to offer its original pork program beyond the Iberian Duroc, using select traditional breeds that offer a premium eating experience. Both pork programs stay true to Niman Ranch’s foundational pillars: partnering with independent family farmers who raise their livestock humanely and sustainably with no antibiotics, hormones or crates.

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