Running a restaurant takes a lot of coordination. From the front of the house to back of the house, from managers to dish washers, there are details for which every employee is responsible. Operators looking for every advantage are turning to technology to codify and simplify their training and execution to gain efficiencies. The new ServSafe Ops app automates a restaurant’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) and, at a time when it’s harder than ever to engage their workforce, it places productivity in the hands of all employees.

According to the National Restaurant Association 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, for roughly half of operators, recruitment and retention is their top challenge. Restaurateurs are seeking efficiencies in operations that will allow them to focus their efforts on recruitment, efficient onboarding, and ongoing education that builds tenure. With the knowledge that eight in ten restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions, this focus is imperative to the future of the hospitality industry.

ServSafe, the premier provider of educational resources, materials, and programs that help attract and develop a strong restaurant workforce amassed their knowledge and experience in creating an application that leverages technology to standardize daily operating procedures and enhance an operation’s efficiency.

The ServSafe Ops application was developed through a partnership with WorkMerk, a Philadelphia based technology company. The combined hospitality expertise of the leaders of the respective organizations created an app “for restaurant people, by restaurant people.”

“Hiring and onboarding employees is harder than ever, and staff expect clear communication about their responsibilities,” says Sherman Brown, executive vice president of business services for the National Restaurant Association. “The ServSafe Ops app was created to respond to these needs, while helping to maintain a culture of food safety. The app puts valuable training and information in the hands of restaurant staff and provides the data needed to efficiently manage day-to-day operations.”

ServSafe Ops empowers the winning habits of hospitality workers using “nudging,” digitization of daily tasks to drive performance, issue reporting and resolution, ongoing training, and access to vital brand specific information. The customizable application enhances a culture of safety and aligns with strategic initiatives by providing verification of task completion, consistency in system wide messaging and enterprise metrics.

“WorkMerk is proud to work with the ServSafe in the creation of ServSafe Ops,” says John New, chief executive officer of WorkMerk. “The hospitality industry thrives on standard operating procedures and workforce engagement. Through the digitization of those efforts, we can empower the most powerful workforce in the world who have the incredible responsibility of ensuring food safety for all of us. This customizable application is providing measurable ROI to companies and restaurant groups of all sizes.”

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