Victory Brewing Company introduced Selene Saison as the celestial sister to Victory’s Helios Ale. Selene Saison is a wild-fermented farmhouse-style dark saison brewed with extra delicious darkness. Available September 1, while supplies last, Selene’s outstanding combination of malts, hops and yeast culminate into a 7.5% ABV that’s sure to satisfy any seasoned Saison lover. Step into a crisp, new season with a victorious blend of chocolate and roasty flavors meeting the tip of your tongue.

This complex and captivating celestial ale captured its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, sister to the god of the sun, Helios. Selene delivers notes of chocolate and clove funk, while rye blends with herbal and spicy whole flower East Kent Goldings hops to produce a smooth finish. Two strains of Brettanomyces and Blaugies yeast bring the brew full-circle with localized variation that’s typical of a great Saison. Like Helios Ale, Selene Saison can be found on draft and is packaged in 750 ml bottles with artwork that mirrors Helios but has a moonlit, starry scene as an ode to its namesake versus a sun. Available throughout Victory’s 35 state distribution footprint, Selene retails at $9 depending on location.

“When we were dreaming up Selene Saison we had a great canvas in Helios Ale. Because Farmhouse-styles focus on individuality, we had a lot of creative license to make an enjoyable, yet completely unique, Saison. We wanted to showcase the dark side foil against the sunny side of Helios which resulted in a delicious, wild-fermented celebration of the season for all to enjoy,” says Bill Covaleski, founder and brewmaster of Victory Brewing Company.

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