The innovative new Master of Science Program in Executive Leadership in Hospitality Management beginning this summer at the King Graduate School at Monroe College is making its mark with educators and industry professionals who are excited about getting hands-on work in New York in an accelerated one-year program.  Beginning in August, the M.S. program will prepare industry professionals for positions in hotels and resorts, convention services, strategic development for tourism boards, international tourism development, real estate development projects, and business ownership.   It will also provide an excellent opportunity for students who may be looking to transform careers from hospitality to academia.

“What is particularly exciting to my colleagues are the residencies designed to build the professional profile and capability of the students, as well as, of course, the networking it will provide in the New York metro area,” says Dr. Frank C. Costantino CEC CCE AAC, Dean for the School of Hospitality Management and the Culinary Arts. “The whole idea is a contemporary and practical approach to graduate education in hospitality management that will allow students to concentrate their research efforts on topics that are important to their careers.”

Conducted primarily online so that working professionals have the opportunity to take advantage of the program, the new M.S. Program in Executive Leadership in Hospitality Management includes two-week residencies at the beginning and end of the program which will allow participants to build relationships and share issues they are currently facing in the industry and at the same time experience real world situations first-hand that will enhance their studies and abilities.

“Because we’re just outside New York City, our students will have the benefit of learning in a fast-paced, complex environment,” Costantino says, “which is what makes it an invaluable and unique training environment.”

Another feature that’s catching on is the short length of the program from start to finish– one year.

“The accelerated nature of the program is perfect for me,” says chef Thomas Recinella CEC AAC, Program Director Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Management, Culinary Institute of Michigan, who will be in the program’s initial class.  “I love the idea of coming to New York for two weeks in August and taking care of six credits, then working on-line for the rest of it while finishing up the following August.  It’s convenient, it fits the busy lifestyle I have as a culinary program director, and leaves time for my family.”

To be admitted, applicants should have three to five years of hospitality experience.  Hospitality educators are also encouraged to apply.  To enroll in the Summer 2013 cohort, applications are due by July 26.  International applicants are encouraged to apply at least three months before the start date.



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