When one restaurant isn’t enough for the different types of Mexican food you want to serve, you open another one. Chef Julio Machado, founder of the wildly popular Tacos Del Cartel on David Drive in Metairie, is launching his second act this fall: Mucho Más on Oak Street. While Tacos Del Cartel has a relatively small menu that focuses on Mexican cuisine served California style, Mucho Más will open things up.

“I want to show more of Mexico,” Machado says. “People have asked for this and we want to give it to them—more dishes from Mexico, more options.”

Signature items on the expansive Mucho Más menu will include Carne Asada, Tasajo, Snapper a la Talla inspired by Chef Gabriela Camara, shrimp cocktail and a classic Tuna Tostada. Many of the dishes will be grilled on charcoal to make them stand out. The Tequileria, or Tequila Bar, will feature wine, draft and bottled beer.

“I am very excited about this new concept,” Machado says. “It’s going to be a great addition to Oak Street.”

Tacos Del Cartel is known for its vibrant, eye-catching setting, brought to life by interior designer Jacquelyn Lindsey of JL Studio Designs. Her unique vision returns to spice up Mucho Más.

“The vibe will be modern and trendy,” Machado says. “It will have a very different look than Tacos Del Cartel, but one that people will embrace and celebrate.”

Mucho Más will fill 3,200 square feet at the former DTB and Jazzy Pete’s at 8201 Oak Street. Machado and his partners, Danny Cruz (also a co-owner of Tacos Del Cartel) and Daniel Borst, plan to open in early fall after a building renovation.

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