Food processors and foodservice providers can now remove all unrecognizable ingredients from their cheese products or menu items thanks to Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution. Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition company, is launching this new offering at Natural Products Expo West, March 8 to 12 in Anaheim, California.

Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution mirrors the melt, taste and appearance of traditional processed cheese, but only includes familiar ingredients: cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), skim milk, food starch, salt, cultured whey and cultured skim milk. With this solution, processed cheeses no longer need to include the unfamiliar ingredients of sodium phosphates, citrates, sorbic acid, emulsifiers, preservatives and hydrocolloids.

“On social media, consumers have spoken loud and clear about what they expect from their food choices, and a popular demand is recognizable ingredients. Now, it’s about making those desires possible while still creating foods that they crave,” says Papao Saisnith, strategic marketing director with Kerry North America. “Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution allows processors and food service providers to create the taste experiences—appearance, aroma and taste—their customers want without complicating operations.”

From reboots of their favorite childhood television programs and movies to apparel inspired by brands they loved as kids, millennials have shown a strong interest in being reminded of a simpler time—and food choices are no exception.

Research shows that 62 percent of Americans say their favorite foods remind them of their childhood, and mac and cheese is the fourth most common comfort food favorite in the country, according to a recent Harris Poll survey.1

“Cheese is a natural fit with these more indulgent, nostalgic eating experiences,” Saisnith said. “The challenge for millennials is that, in large part, they lack the culinary expertise to recreate the foods and flavors they loved as kids in ways that fit within their efforts to eat clean. Therein lies the opportunity: Food processors and foodservice can make it easy for them with ingredients that hit both their desire for nostalgia and a clean label.”

Stop by the Kerry sponsored Super Pass lounge or Booth 3973 to be among the first to try the Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution. One concept, Clean Label Three-Cheese Macaroni will be available at the booth. The second concept, Clean Label Queso Dip, will be available in the Super Pass lounge.

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