The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) has been selected from a competitive pool of 45 applicants to receive pro bono consulting services by Harvard Business School Association of Boston’s Community Action Partners (CAP) for its Pathways to Black Franchise Ownership Initiative.

Community Action Partners (CAP) is a volunteer organization of Harvard Business School and Kennedy School alumni helping Boston-area nonprofits apply management skills to their business challenges. Each year CAP volunteers provide an estimated 8,000 hours of consulting, equivalent to approximately $2 million in pro bono services to worthy nonprofits. These volunteers offer a powerful blend of business expertise and passion for making a difference in communities across the country. CAP projects result in helping nonprofit clients increase the impact of their programs and are uniquely rewarding volunteer experiences for alumni.

MFHA has aligned with 4thMVMT, a social equity organization that vets, trains, facilitates funding and collaborates with individuals from underserved communities to own and operate competitive businesses.  PepsiCo is the effort’s founding sponsor committing $2.5 million over the next five years to build and sustain the Pathways Initiative as part of the company’s commitment to advance racial equity.

MFHA, 4thMVMT and PepsiCo, with the support of CAP, will create a sustainable and scalable platform to catalyze additional Black franchises and companies to join the effort.

“This Black franchising initiative has the potential to make a significant impact in Black communities because it will create wealth. Being able to leverage the expertise of CAP executives will give us the best chance for success,” says Gerry Fernandez, president and founder of MFHA.

“We are very pleased to work with MFHA,” says Kathy Le, executive director of CAP. “MFHA is doing critical work for the greater Boston community and beyond. The nature of their business challenge, mission, and social impact make them a very attractive partner for our alumni volunteer teams.”

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